Boutique Batik was started in 1991 by Calum Burn.  We began by extending our managers house in a village near Yogyakarta in central Java. After about two years we then moved into our own small factory, which was the first of a few locations throughout the years, one of which fell in the 2006 earthquake. Nevertheless we carried on.

We always use colour fast cotton and rayon cloth in the Herdhea factory. From this we create our own designs including dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses. We have supplied about 200 shops in the UK as well as having our own retail outlets at various outdoor events in Britain.

Around six years ago we moved our base to northern Thailand in order to expand our product lines to include cotton and silk blouses, cotton casual bags and hats.  Currently we have already made some cloth are patchwork trousers for the 2019 season.      

Contact Numbers are:  UK     07434 231035     and      0771 3547334   

Email:              Facebook: boutique @ calum.burn

Thailand :      Tel  +66 91 075 7313                     For Thai language  Ms Aunkana 081 459 3588

Address : New house, 136 Moo 2, Soi 10 Baan  Pa Heaw, San Kamphaeng, Chang Mai 50130   Photo below.

For UK wholesale/ shipping deliveries, our container is close to Northampton, please call for address

We bank only in the UK with Barclays.

  Making our unique girls dresses in Java

Making our unique girls dresses in Java